ince 1923, this corner delicatessen has been a Philadelphia tradition. For a number of years people have gathered at Famous 4th Street Delicatessen to see, be seen and - above everything else - eat. Along with the food came the experience of being in such an establishment, one that for more than 80 years was run by the same family.

During that time, and to this day, famous locals as well as internationally known personalities have visited Famous. A number of films have even included Famous as part of the Philadelphia landscape, most notably Philadelphia (1993) and In Her Shoes (2005).

Though Famous changed hands in 2005, the restaurant continues to prosper and thrive in the tradition of the Jewish delicatessen, one that so few can achieve with such style.

Growing up in the delicatessen business in Brooklyn, NY, Russ Cowan learned everything needed to run a successful restaurant. The deli was in his blood, and along with many relatives, he practically lived in Radin´s, the family establishment. He honed the skills from working in many delicatessens and eventually was able to build and run flourishing restaurants on his own. As the last in four generations of deli owners, Russ has owned a number of successful businesses throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Taking all he has learned from his family history as well as his own personal experience in the business, Russ came to Famous ready to combine one family´s past with another, continuing the tradition of the great Jewish delicatessen.